What is CRT Wallet?

Users who are subscribed to Creature’s game will receive their wallets!

A Ethereum-based decentralized wallet, the Creature Wallet can store and steak tokens!

Users will be paid points in the game, which is equivalent to 1 won per point. :)

All content of Creature supports in-app payment, so users can purchase various items.

All products sold can also be purchased with CRT tokens inside the wallet as the Creature Wallet enters Tier 3!


Users are active in the game and rewarded. These accumulated points can be exchanged for in-game CRT tokens. However, you can apply for currency exchange from 10,000 points!


It’s the integration of games and wallets!

Users can deposit points and exchange money in one application!

Tier 3

Items that can be used simultaneously in several games created by Creature will be made possible.

Aren’t you looking forward to the future of Creature Hunters Lab?!

I’m really looking forward to it!

Please continue to show lots of interest and we’ll greet you in the next post!



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